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Striving for sustainability

with Aurora University.

April 10th, 2021
Aurora, IL

Help offset West Aurora High School's paper usage by requesting a tree to be planted in your yard

Our Goals

Tree-Duce, Tree-Use, Tree-Cycle

We are students in Aurora University's eco-club and will be planting 265 trees on April 10th to offset 50% of West Aurora High School’s paper usage.


We are passionate about creating a more sustainable future and are continually looking for ways to do this. While our university is not currently hosting in-person activities due to the pandemic, members of our club have decided to work with Tree-Plenish to host an event. This gives us the opportunity to positively impact our community safely during these unprecedented times. However, this task cannot be accomplished on our own. We need your help to make this change and reach our goal of planting 265 trees! We are relying on community members to request a tree to be planted in their yards. Each tree costs $5, and you can choose the amount and types of trees that you would like to be planted. Together we can offset 50% of West Aurora’s paper usage and create a more sustainable community!

Support Our Mission!

Want a Tree?

Help us reach our goal of planting 265 trees by opting to receive a tree in your yard! Choose the type of tree you want and volunteers will come to your yard on April 10th to plant them. Trees are $5 and will come as saplings (18-24 inches).

Meet The Team

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Myriam Brito

Aurora University Social Work Student

Wyatt Schuerman

Biology and Environmental Studies Student at Aurora University

Bri Bowen

Aurora University Human-Animal Studies Student

Lara Salazar

Aurora University Nursing Student

Janet Gomez

Aurora University Social Work Student

Edgar Rodriguez

Aurora University Biology Student

Our Goal



2.7 million

Sheets of Paper Replaced

Our 3 Trees

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Fern Plant

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