Holding Plant


Striving for sustainability

at Benito Juárez Community Academy

April 24th, 2021
Chicago, IL

Help offset Benito Juárez Community Academy's paper usage by requesting a tree for your yard or donating a tree for someone else's yard!

Benito Juárez Community Academy needs to plant 200 trees. 

Here's how you can help:


Request a Tree

Order a tree for your yard and pick it up on the day of the event. Each tree costs $5 and comes as an 18-24 inch sapling

Donate a Tree

Donate a Tree to be planted in someone else's yard! Each tree costs $5 and counts towards reaching the students' goal

Our Goals

Tree-Duce, Tree-Use, Tree-Cycle

I’m a student at Benito Juarez Community Academy and with the help of many others, we will be planting 200 trees in order to offset our schools paper usage.

I am passionate about affecting change in our local community and want to do my part to build a more sustainable future. To reach my goal, I am relying on you to request a tree to be planted in your yard! Each tree cost $5 and you can choose the amount and type of trees that you would like.

Meet The Team

Contact Me With Any Questions!


Joanna Lopez

Class of 2021

Our Goal



2.0 million

Sheets of Paper Replaced

Our 2 Trees

Click on the tree name to learn more about each one
Fern Plant

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