Holding Plant


Striving for sustainability

at Glencoe High School

March 13th, 2021
Hillsboro, Oregon

Help offset Glencoe High School's paper usage by requesting a tree to be planted in your yard

Our Goals

Tree-Duce, Tree-Use, Tree-Cycle

As students of Glencoe High School, we’re helping do our part for the environment by planting trees to make up for our schools’ paper usage. To do so, we are planting 165 trees on March 13th. 


The environment is something we care about and want to take care of. We would greatly appreciate it if you help us out and request for a tree or two to be planted in your yard. It’s only five dollars a tree and would greatly help reduce our carbon footprint.

Support Our Mission!

Want a Tree?

Help us reach our goal of planting 165 trees by opting to receive a tree in your yard! Choose the type of tree you want and volunteers will come to your yard on March 13th to plant them. Trees are $5 and will come as saplings (18-24 inches).

Meet The Team

Environmental Impact Club is a group of students at Glencoe working to improve their local environment, foster discussion, and educate others on environmental issues.

Eliana Pinkert

Our Goal



1.65 million

Sheets of Paper Replaced

Our 2 Trees

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Fern Plant

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