Make your school sustainable.

Bring your community together.

Host a Tree-Plenish Event.

Are You Interested in Hosting a Tree-Plenish Event?

Filll out this interest form, and we will contact you shortly! We will advise you throughout the planning process and give you the resources you need to ensure that your event is a success!

How it Works

Let's collaborate.

Contact our team so that we can support you throughout the planning process and provide you with resources you may need.

set the numbers.

Work with us and your school to create a goal number of trees to plant based on your school's paper usage as well as set a date for your

Tree-Plenish event.

Get the community involved.

Increase awareness of your event by asking members of your community to request a tree or volunteer to plant.


On the day of the event, assign volunteers a list of locations to plant trees and have fun!

A community effort to increase sustainability.